Neuropsychological Assessment

I offer neuropsychological assessments to adults and older adults with known or suspected neurological condition or injury. In triaging referrals, I give priority to clients who are older adults and are at risk of or with dementia, and to clients interested in a personalised intervention/treatment program.

Typically, the assessment process will involve:

  • An intake interview with you and possibly a family member

  • Review of background medical records as appropriate

  • The administration of several tests of cognitive ability (e.g., memory, concentration)

  • The administration of several questionnaires to evaluate your personal and medical history, mood, wellbeing, independence, and other relevant issues

  • Scoring of your test results and comparison with the relevant population

  • Face to face feedback regarding the findings of the assessment and my interpretation

  • Preparation of a report


An assessment may be conducted in one session, but more often it will be completed over 2-3 sessions. The whole process, from initial contact to the delivery of a report will typically take 4-6 weeks.

Once you book for an assessment, you will be sent a letter with relevant information about the process, a consent form to sign and relevant questionnaires to complete in advance.

More information about the work of neuropsychologists, and the cognitive/neuropsychological assessment process can be found on the APS college of neuropsychologists website.

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