Knowledge Translation

CogTale: An online platform for the evaluation, synthesis, and dissemination of evidence from cognition-oriented treatments for older adults

Performing a systematic review and a meta-analysis is a very time consuming and lengthy process, often taking many months or even years to complete. This leads to significant delays between the time in which evidence for a treatment is first produced, and the time in which systematic evaluation of a body of work concerning the treatment is published, and even longer delays until the evidence is translated to changes in clinical practice and policy. To address this problem, together with a team of international collaborators, we developed CogTale – the first comprehensive online database of all studies of cognitive treatments for older adults. Much more than a simple database, CogTale is packed with features relevant to researchers, clinicians, and health consumers. It is integrated with an application that automatically gives quality scores to all studies saved on the database (which gives an idea of how well the study was done, and how much we can trust its findings), and provides information about the treatment effects found in each study (in other words, how well did the intervention work). A particularly advanced feature of CogTale is that users are able to perform meta-analysis of studies with a few clicks of a button and receive to their emails short and plainly written summary reports. Visit the CogTale website to find out more. Status: ongoing